Darren Varley

Darren has a diverse professional background. After working in radio, advertising and as a puppeteer, Darren started his Early Childhood career in earnest 18 years ago. He draws from his experience as a childcare centre manager in his current position as a lecturer in Early Childhood. His expertise and knowledge of the challenges that arise when working with young children and their parents, has informed his work with programs such as Relationship Australia’s FUN 4 KIDS (Fathers Utilizing Networks for Kids) and the residential program at the O’Connell Family Centre in Melbourne.

Darren has a passion for working to educate, inform and empower fathers and this lead him to work with the Mercy for Women Heidelberg where he designed and facilitated a 2-year pilot program of ante-natal classes for new fathers. He also delivers the Dads and Bubs sessions at St. Vincents & Mercy Private Hospital.

Darren also consults privately with parents who have young children with sleep/settling and behaviour problems and is a regular contributor to community discussions regarding the role of Dads in contemporary families.  If these things are not enough to keep him busy, Darren is also a registered Marriage Celebrant.

Darren lives in a modern blended family home in a Melbourne suburb with his four children and his second wife.